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Puppy information

May 26, 2017


When you have decided that a Dutch Pride Shiloh Shepherd is right for you, print Pre-puppy-application and fill this out completely and be as specific as you can about what you are looking for in a pup as well as your experience with previous dogs. It must be received with either a deposit or prepayment to go on our puppy lists. The mailing address is listed as a footer on each page.

Once prepayment (secures your place on a puppy list) or deposit is received by Dutch Pride Shilohs, you will receive email updates (done via bcc for privacy) on all the breeding activities that take place here. You will get photo updates at birth and approximately every 2 to 3 weeks of the pups. The litter will be evaluated at 8 weeks of age and puppies will be matched with the families immediately following.

Deposits and Prepayments.

To reserve a space on our puppy list, a € 250 deposit is required. To secure “pick” puppy position for a certain litter, prepayments (full price) must be received. As demand is usually greater than supply and our litters tend to sell out, we recommend you reserve or secure a puppy early, this is especially true of breed and show quality pups as the supply of these pups is not as plentiful in any given litter. Final payment is due two weeks prior to the litter evaluation and puppies will be sent to their homes immediately after the litter evaluation.

Shipping and puppy pick up fees.

The pups will leave for their new homes the week after the litter evaluation. The costs for transport will be paid by the new owner. If a pup has to travel by airplane to his/her new home there will be additional costs like a health certificate from the Vet, transport costs to the airport, a flight kennel and the airplane ticket. These costs will be determined before signing the contracts.

After arriving on the airport of your choice, you might have to pay taxes.

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